Working From Home: 3 Ways to Keep Your Office Organized

by | Feb 20, 2023 | News Article

Are you working more and more hours but feeling less effective? Disruptions are not good in the office, and it’s even worse when your office is at home! And if your work space feels chaotic, it’s going to be hard to be productive. It’s okay – and normal – to feel frustrated, but you don’t need to feel stuck. Here are some ways to make your executive apartment work for you. (We started with three, but we’ve since added on.)


Take Breaks When Needed

Working from home can be a good thing; but if you are used to being out of the house 8 – 10 hours a day, working from home may start to take its toll. Thankfully, your executive apartment complex should offer some relief. From on-site fitness centers to beautiful grounds to walk around, there are options for stepping away from your desk and taking a breather. 


Create a Command Center

Whether you’ve created an office space in your executive apartment, or you primarily work from your company’s location, devote a specific space for your to-do lists and paperwork. Keeping these items organized in one spot minimizes the risk of losing important documents or forgetting notable dates. At Arch Interim Housing, our executive apartment offerings include high-quality, versatile desks – if your furnished executive apartment doesn’t include a desk, you might want to do more research to find a corporate housing option that can better anticipate your needs. 

Keeping your executive apartment office organized

Utilize Executive Apartment’s Vertical Space

Your organizational furnishings and ideas can be limited by the size of your office. Fortunately, our interim housing options are more than twice the size of a typical hotel room, making it easier to create a space designated just for work. Utilizing vertical space when organizing your office both at work and home adds additional space that would otherwise go unused.

If your workplace has cloth cubicle walls, consider a variety of hanging tools that require pins that can stick into the walls. You can also keep things like scissors, tape, or files handy by hanging them on your wall in inventive ways.


Allow 30 Minutes a Week for Organization

Choose a day every week that you can allot 30 minutes for organization. Make sure to pick a time and day where you can be consistent. If you tend to have less meetings scheduled on Friday, pencil yourself in for 30 minutes every week. Fridays are an excellent option as you can give yourself more “peace of mind” over the weekend and start your week off on a clutter-free note! It can be hard to focus on the task at hand when your workspace isn’t clean and organized.


Choose the Right Corporate Housing Solution

Arch provides move-in ready, fully furnished apartment homes which include all necessary utilities as well as TV or streaming, wifi, and workstations. Additionally, our properties come with full size kitchens, fully equipped so you can cook a meal, then sit out on a balcony or run down to the gym. Washers and dryers are in all our homes – no need to lug your clothes to and from a laundromat.  All you do is bring your suitcases and personal items and you are all set! We take care of everything, so you don’t have to! Lease terms are flexible, with a 30-day minimum stay. 


At Arch Interim Housing, we have the pleasure of working with many St. Louis area professionals who are the best in the business and are always on the go! We know that busy schedules can make it harder to stay organized, so we hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas for helping keep work – and life – organized.