At a quick glance, corporate housing providers may all look very similar. We at Arch encourage you to take a closer look. When you do, you will find that Arch Interim Housing provides simply the highest levels of customer service, exceptional quality, and outstanding values.

Check out our 4 ways we dominate the competition below!

100% Customer Satisfaction – Not many businesses can say that they have had 100% customer satisfaction. We are one of the lucky few companies who can honestly and proudly say without a doubt that 100% of all surveyed guests have stated that they would stay with use again and would refer a friend or business associate to stay with us. See for yourself; click here to read some of our guest testimonials!

We Give Our Guests the Best Quality of Comfort and Satisfaction – At Arch Interim Housing, we have undertaken many new initiatives to further increase the level of comfort and satisfaction our guests enjoy. Back in 2007 we made a decision to purchase, maintain, and install all of our own housewares; you will find that many other corporate housing companies simply rent their housewares from a 3rd party. Additionally, earlier this year, we made a decision to purchase, maintain, and install all of the furnishings in our corporate suites. Again, most corporate housing companies rent their furnishings from a 3rd party.

We felt and continue to feel as though our guests deserve the very best in quality, and in order for us to ensure that we fulfill our promise, we knew we had to control these absolutely critical areas ourselves.

We did all of this with simply one goal in mind – our clients deserve the best. We want to provide them with the best, but if we rely on others to control the quality for us, can we ever really be sure that our quality pledge will be fulfilled? After much though and discussion, we knew that the only decision was to control our own destiny and purchase these items for the sake of our guests’ comfort and satisfaction.

What You See is Truly What You Get – As you peruse our website or our marketing materials, please note this big difference between our competitors and us. All of the photos that appear on our website and also all of the photos that are used in our marketing materials are of our apartments. These are not furniture company beauty shots; they are not pictures taken in a professionally decorated model. These are our actual suites! Go ahead and ask our competitors if they can say the same about their websites and marketing materials. You might be surprised!

You Will Definitely Get a Good Night’s Sleep Here – We at Arch go to great measures to ensure your satisfaction, so we had made a decision to purchase very high quality memory foam beds for all of our apartments. Again, this decision was made with exceeding our guests’ expectations in mind. The memory foam beds did cost us a lot more than a standard spring mattress, yet we know a great night’s sleep is critical to our guests’ overall satisfaction, which always outweighs any and every cost. Do the other guys go to such lengths to give their customers this amount of comfort and satisfaction? We think not!

At the end of the day, we want to be able to look the client in the eye and say without a doubt that there is no other corporate housing provider in St. Louis that can provide the level of quality in their suite and in the service than we do. This alone is our greatest joy and our mission. You see, we never set out in this industry to be the biggest; our goal was, is, and always will be to be the best. We continue to work on a daily basis to ensure that this pledge to our clients is upheld, no matter what.

So why take a chance? Stay with the best in corporate housing in STL – Arch Interim Housing. For more information, just call us at (866) 921-5888 or check us out online at [url site]. You’ll quickly see why Arch is simply superior to all of the competition!