When clients are searching for a place to stay during a business trip or temporary project, they often have misconstrued perceptions about how corporate housing works. This post is designed to help clear up some myths and help you get a better understanding of how corporate housing is always the best alternative to extended stay hotels when you need living quarters for more than 30 days.


Myth #1: Corporate Housing is only for Business Professionals

Actuality: While it is generally called “Corporate Housing,” it is also known as interim housing or temporary housing and it can be used by anyone. While corporate housing is typically used by business professionals or consultants who are on long-term work assignments, they are not the only ones who benefit for a home-like environment.Temporary housing can be used by professional athletes who already maintain a permanent resident, military personnel being relocated or reassigned, families who have had their homes damaged by natural disasters, or an individual going through a separation.


Myth #2: It Costs More Than A Hotel

Actuality: If you are needing a place to stay for 30 days or longer, corporate housing can be cheaper than staying at an extended stay or hotel. At Arch Interim Housing in St. Louis, the costs per day averages about $79 per day versus $100 per day at a nearly equivalent hotel. Between the price and the amenities included, staying in a fully furnished apartment offered by corporate housing is generally cheaper and you obtain almost double the space you would get at any hotel!


Myth #3: I can’t bring my pet

Actuality: Most corporate housing companies offer apartments or suites that are pet-friendly. Over 90% of the locations offered by Arch Interim Housing, for example, allow pets in their furnished apartments. Nevertheless, when arranging your stay in a corporate housing apartment, be sure to inquire about their pet policy, as sometimes there may be restrictions or extra fees.


Myth #4: I Still Have to Provide My Own Dishes and Linens

Actuality: Corporate housing is quite simply, furnished apartments. From the couch to the vegetable peeler, most of the items you need to cook, clean, and enjoy your stay will be included in your contract from a corporate housing provider. Most locations even have washers and dryers in the apartment, so even your laundry can be done on location versus having to send it out or find a laundromat in town.

Myth #5: Arranging Corporate Housing is Difficult

Actuality: Booking corporate housing for your company or yourself is simple! Generally, it involves a phone call or an email and the corporate housing facility will take care of the rest. You provide the ideal location you would like to stay in, and you’ll be provided with the best possible match in a location you can approve of. From the appropriate paperwork to suggestions for the best local restaurants, a good corporate housing provider makes it easy to manage your reservations.


So What Is Corporate Housing, Exactly?

Corporate housing provided by Arch Interim Housing is available to those looking for an extended stay or short-term rental in the St Louis area for 30 days or longer. 

Whether you’re temporarily visiting St Louis due to work or school, residing in a space that gives you a sense of home makes all the difference. The corporate apartments offered by Arch Interim Housing are fully-furnished, include full-size kitchens, high-quality amenities, and are twice the size of a normal hotel room. 

Plus, as we mentioned previously, the cost is usually a savings of up to 60% off a typical hotel stay, all while being able to take full advantage of resort style pools, fully equipped fitness centers, beautiful landscaping, and more!


How it Works

At Arch, we’re committed to ensuring that our guests are comfortable in their furnished apartments, and we genuinely want you to enjoy the space and neighborhood that you’re in while spending your temporary stay in St Louis. 

We take special requests such as pet-friendly apartments, maid services, properties that are handicap accessible, premium views, etc. into consideration when pairing you with an extended stay complex. Arch Interim Housing strives to find the perfect corporate apartment for you, and we offer three or more corporate housing options for you to choose from.


Corporate Housing: What’s Included

The furnished apartments provided by Arch Interim Housing include everything necessary for you to feel right at home. Our packages are flexible and can be easily customized to best suit your needs. 

A typical furnished apartment includes furniture, housewares, utilities, local telephone service, expanded cable television, and Wireless high-speed internet. Washers and dryers are usually included in our corporate apartments (if connections are available) and housekeeping can be included for an additional cost.


How to Pay

When staying in extended stay housing from Arch Interim Housing, all monthly charges are consolidated into one itemized statement and can be paid by check, money order, or credit card. Credit card payments including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover will be completed automatically by filling out a simple credit card authorization form. We can also customize billing for corporations by itemizing and billing each charge separately.


If you’re considering a corporate housing option as a part of your short-term stay here in St. Louis, please call or reach out via our contact form. We’d love to connect!