When one thinks about staying in a temporary place for a month or more, many might think about staying in a hotel room. Many still opt for the hotel room, believing that it is the cheapest (or only) route for them.

We at Arch Interim Housing wish to prove that this is not true and that not all temporary housing providers are the same. In fact, here are 9 ways that staying in an Arch Interim Housing corporate suite is much more advantageous than staying in a hotel room!


Fully furnished kitchen

One of the most notable missing elements in a typical hotel room is the lack of a kitchen. When you check into a hotel room, you might find a mini-refrigerator and possibly a microwave, but most of the time, what will greet your eyes when you walk in the door will be a few measly plastic cups and a dish to keep ice in. When you stay in an Arch Interim Housing corporate suite, you won’t have to worry about preparing food. You’ll find a full-sized, fully-equipped kitchen, complete with housewares from a refrigerator and oven all the way down to measuring cups and spoons, silverware, and so much more! You can check out our kitchen housewares here!


Enjoy the big screen

In many hotel rooms, you will find an older television set or perhaps a smaller flat screen television, and, of course, you’re almost always limited to only so many channels. Our corporate suites automatically include a 37” flat panel HD television, expanded cable television, and Wireless high-speed Internet. You’ll want to invite your friends over all the time to watch sports, the latest show in your favorite television series, your favorite flicks, or even play video games!


Feel like a local

Typically, hotels are located near the Interstate or by high-traffic commercial areas, and while that could help you get a feel of city-living, it just doesn’t compare to living right next door to a real local. When you stay in an Arch corporate suite, you’ll be living in more of a residential area and away from the buzz and noise of the Interstate. You’ll find that you will feel more like a local when you stay here next to real people who don’t come and go each and every day.


Sleep in comfort

The very experienced team at Arch go to great lengths to ensure your complete satisfaction. In fact, we made a decision to purchase very high-quality memory foam beds for all of our apartments. We know a great night’s sleep is critical to your overall satisfaction, which always outweighs any and every cost. We guarantee you that you won’t see this dedication and comfort in your typical hotel room.


Constant gym access

If you have ever experienced the luxury of being able to work out regardless of time, you probably know how valuable that can be. Many hotels either don’t have a gym or have a smaller gym that is only open for a set amount of time. When you stay in an Arch corporate suite, you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful gym at any time of the day or night! That’s right – at most of our properties, the gym is open 24 hours every day! Not many hotels (and not many gyms) can say that!


Plenty of room

Hotel rooms usually aren’t the coziest. Many can be downright cramped, and almost always you are given only one large room in which you may live, eat, and sleep, and, of course, one smaller bathroom. You will find that when you stay in an Arch corporate suite, you will have more than enough room to stretch out and roam around. Our suites feature spacious living quarters complete with a separate living room, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, and a master bedroom. Our suites are at least twice the size of a typical hotel room and often times 40-60% less in price than a typical hotel stay!


Furry friends are welcome

We know how difficult it can be to stay in a hotel with your pet (and how hard it can be when you cannot bring them with you). Well, now there’s no need to leave your beloved pet when you stay in an Arch corporate suite! Your pet is welcomed in almost all of our apartment communities.


Entertainment options

You won’t need to stay cooped up in your room when you stay with us! Enjoy our many amazing amenities like our resort-style pools, 24-hour gym, billiard rooms, theatre rooms, resident lounges, recreational areas, and much more!


Cost savings

Who doesn’t want to see more money in the bank? When you stay in an Arch Interim Housing corporate suite, you will find that your wallet is heavier than what it would if you stayed in a hotel for an extended period of time. Would you rather be in a cramped, confined space with few amenities or, for a minimum of 30 days, stay in a large, luxurious space complete with full-sized kitchen and bathroom for about half the price? We think we know the answer.


If you’re looking for the perfect temporary housing for you, reach out! You can call us or fill out our contact form for more information.