We know that a good night’s sleep is critical for our guests. With that in mind, we have made a decision to only purchase and use memory foam beds in our corporate suites!

We realize the cost that we pay for a memory foam is easily twice that of a regular spring mattress, yet we felt this direction was in keeping with our mission to exceed our guests’ expectations.

Memory foam is the fastest growing segment of the bedding industry, period. Why? Simple – memory foam provides great comfort and a great night’s sleep.

Our mattresses feature the most technologically-advanced, pressure-relieving memory foam mattress in the world. Created from years of testing and studies by the world’s leading chemical company, BASF, it is made in North Carolina and packaged in Tennessee. While a spring mattress was the standard for many decades, foam mattresses are becoming more and more popular due to their unsurpassed comfort and overall body support. Spring mattresses may be nice to sit or lay on, but they will not offer anything close to the body contouring and spinal support that memory or latex foam can offer.

And sure, there is always fiber and some type of foam over the springs, but these coils will actually cause a trampoline effect and bend inward when pressure is applied without conforming to the specific bumps and curves of the body. When you take into consideration the amount of pressure you place on your shoulders and hip if you are a side sleeper, neck if you are a stomach sleeper, and lower back and sacrum if you are a back sleeper, you will realize that visco-elastic pressure sensitive foam will offer you the best chance for reducing the overall pressure placed on your joints by contouring them without pushing against them.

How do our clients feel about our memory foam beds? Here is what some of our customers have said:

“I stay in corporate housing all over the country, and from the quality of your service to the quality of your furniture, you guys by far exceed all the other corporate housing companies I have stayed with. By the way, your beds are incredible.” – JT, Nov. 2012

“We have been searching for beds for our new home for over 3 months, and we can’t find anything close to the comfort and support your beds provide. Is it possible we could buy the beds that are in our corporate apartment from you guys?” – HR, Sept. 2012

“You guys are awesome, and your beds are amazing. I may just have to extend my stay here. Thanks for everything.” – SK, July 2012

Our quality and our customers say it all – a good night’s rest is certainly assured in an ARCH Interim Housing corporate suite!