Have you ever wondered about how Arch Interim Housing came to be? When it comes to the origin of a business, each business has a different, very unique story. Arch Interim Housing is no different! This month for our Employee Spotlight, we are proud to introduce to you Robb Lax, the owner of Arch Interim Housing, and the one who started it all!

Born and raised in New York, Robb is the middle child of his family with one brother and one sister. From a very early age, Robb has had an entrepreneurial spirit and has always sought out ways to improve the world around him. Since age 13, Robb has always had some sort of job. At age 13, he began a lawn-mowing company, and at age 14, he began working every day after school in a dry cleaner. When he received his driver’s license at age 16, Robb began a business that delivered food from local restaurants to people’s homes.

“Ever since I was very young, I’ve always been extremely hard-working and extremely service-oriented,” said Robb. “In fact, nothing gives me greater pleasure than exceeding other people’s expectations and providing them with ‘wow’ service!”

Robb went on to college and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Buffalo State. Upon graduating, he moved to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and began an 11-year career in the restaurant business. “I worked for a large national chain in several positions starting as an assistant manager and eventually worked my way up to Regional Vice President, overseeing 20 restaurants!” said Robb.

From there, Robb went on to start a new concept in the foodservice industry with a group of colleagues. He grew that concept to 11 restaurants in 5 states within 2 years. He has also lived in 20 different cities and in 9 different states.

Robb is a person who constantly looks at all the angles in every single situation and challenges himself to always find a better, more effective way to do things. “When I was starting Arch Interim Housing in 2006, many people said, ‘You’ll never make it; there is so much competition, and this is a small market you’re going into.’ But I knew that if we as a company were to provide a much higher level of service, a much higher level of quality, and couple it with outstanding values that people would respond, and they have!” said Robb.

In 2008 after just two short years, Robb was able to take Arch Interim Housing from being the “new kid on the block” to being one of the largest, most successful and most respected corporate housing providers in the St. Louis market! “My goal was never to become the largest,” Robb said. “I just keep myself and the outstanding, dedicated team at Arch focused on one goal – to be the best at what we do!” Robb said. “The thing I am most proud of with regard to Arch Interim Housing is the incredible team of people we have working here. All of our success over the years can be completely attributed to the dedication, passion, hard work and quality of the team here at Arch.”

Robb has one son, Tristen, who is the center of his life and keeps him grounded on what is truly important in life. Robb is also a very competitive and athletic individual who played baseball and ice hockey from age 6 all throughout high school and even continues to play now in adult leagues. He loves to be active and on the go and thrives in meeting new people and the challenge of constantly working to evolve the business as conditions change. In his free time, Robb loves being out on the water, doing anything outdoors, riding motorcycles, being active in the realm of fitness, spending time with Tristen, and skiing in the winter. He is also an avid reader.

Robb is always more than happy to help you with all of your needs and requests!

If you’re interest in finding out more information about our products and services, please don’t hesitate to call us at (314) 983-0933 or visit us online at [url site] to see how we can better serve you!