If you’re intending to travel to the St. Louis area for a medical procedure, you may be considering your postoperative housing options during your recovery. Many procedures require extensive visits afterward, with therapy appointments and continuous care that may be hard to receive if you live hours away you’re your medical facility. Your short term stay should include all of the comforts of home, with optimum amenities for relaxation and plenty of space for recovery.

Many choose interim housing as an excellent option for recovering after a medical procedure. With some of the country’s best medical facilities right here in St. Louis, we seek to provide quality housing for postoperative patients with our extensive property options.

Enjoy your spacious accommodations. Have therapists and specialists visit your Arch Interim Housing apartment for appointments and check-ups. Staying in your luxury short-term stay apartment means more room for you and all of your recovery needs. With more than twice the space of a hotel room, Arch has an array of St. Louis based housing locations that are perfect for your stay.

A fully equipped, gourmet kitchen means you’ll have all of the benefits of healthful eating with the option to prepare homemade meals in your apartment. Most hotels are only outfitted with a small refrigerator; that can mean dining out frequently or ordering-in costly meals.

Arch Interim Housing offers cleaning services so you can focus on what’s important- your recovery. Don’t worry about constant interruptions and the noise of hotel cleaning services at your temporary-stay housing. Schedule your cleaning services according to your preferences and let us do the work!

All of the amenities of hotel living, with less of the noise and “traffic” found in a hotel stay. If your recovery would benefit from an evening stroll, a swim in one of our resort-style pools, a dip in a Jacuzzi, or some gym-time then our housing options are perfect for you. Speak with our staff to pick the perfect accommodations for recovery after your medical procedure today.

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