Congratulations! You’ve decided to build your dream home in St. Louis! In our current housing market, an increasing amount of homeowners are choosing to build and customize the home of their dreams.
While it’s wonderful to be able to choose each detail of your new home, it can be a time consuming and stressful process. Many enjoy the benefits of staying in a fully furnished apartment during their home building experience.

Fully Furnished Apartments

Arch Interim Housing works to relieve the stress of a transition period like this, and we’re fully equipped to provide everything that you and your family will need during your stay. Your fully furnished apartment features everything you’d have in your home- from can openers to coffee mugs, our properties have it all. Don’t worry about unpacking, only to repack your home goods and décor a few months later. Keep your packed housewares in storage, and take advantage of our furnishings.

Family Pet Friendly

Many of our properties are pet friendly. This means your family can avoid the additional cost of housing your pet in a local kennel while you’re building your dream home. With plenty of room for everyone, many of our properties feature pet friendly amenities including close walking distance to dog parks, trails, and even pet salons! Speak with our staff about bringing your family pet to stay with you during your short term rental today.

All of the Comforts of Home – and Then Some. Amenities for Everyone

In addition to being fully furnished, our properties feature an array of special amenities. Each property is unique, but you’ll find they all provide something special for residents that make their stay just like home- but even better! Twenty-four hour fitness centers, resort-style pools, media rooms, billiards, cabanas and more can all be found on Arch Interim Housing properties. Transitions and time crunches can be stressful enough, focus on building the home of your dreams- though you may not be ready to leave your Arch apartment!

More Room than a Hotel

Housing your entire family in a hotel can be extremely costly, and cramped. Our apartments are available with up to several bedrooms to accommodate your family’s needs. Enjoy separate living space from your bedrooms, giving each person in your family plenty of space during your stay. Our apartments come complete with fully equipped kitchens, some featuring eat-in styles, imported marble, and state-of-the-art appliances. Having access to a full kitchen during your build means saving money. The cost of eating out, every meal, for months can add up quickly.

Building a home can come with many different challenges and stressors. Choosing our temporary housing means where your family stays during the process isn’t one of them. Weather, finances, design changes, and the quickness of your contractor can all manipulate the speed of your build. Interim housing is an excellent alternative to staying in a hotel, with family, or living in your home during its renovation. For more information on interim housing solutions, please follow us on Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.