Best Date Night Restaurants in St. Louis

If you’re looking for the perfect spot to take your sweetie, we’ve highlighted five places that are sure to please. With delicious food and drink options, these restaurants will make it hard to go back to Hamburger Helper during the week.

  1. Olive + Oak. This restaurant is by far one of the best places to eat in St. Louis, period. The food is simple, yet outstanding. The wait staff is friendly, inviting, and ready to offer complimentary drink recommendations. Olive and Oak is an absolute must try. We suggest the cheese curds, the black bass, and the dip. However, it’s impossible to go wrong.
  2. Elaia. If you’re looking for a memorable food experience, you must go to Elaia. With modern sophistication, this restaurant takes a tasting menu to the next level. The restaurant is very small, so reservations are a must. We suggest everything on the menu. Seriously.
  3. Element. With a recent menu overhaul, Element is even more delicious than before. The lovely plating at this fine-dining establishment will make you wish you didn’t have to interrupt its beauty to take a bite. We suggest the arancini, blue cheese souffle, and rojo marinated coulotte steak.
  4. Cielo. Cielo offers gorgeous scenery, as it is nestled on the 8th floor of the Four Seasons Downtown in St. Louis. The Italian cuisine, tranquil ambiance and spectacular views ensure a great experience for every patron. We suggest going to for weekend brunch during the spring and early summer, as you can really enjoy everything the patio has to offer. Grab a bloody mary and build your own omelet while you take in the sights!
  5. Acero. This Italian restaurant in Maplewood, features a four-course tasting menu that allows you to sample several of the delicious items on their bill of fare. We suggest the egg raviolo, sea scallops, and the panna cotta.

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