Hosting a party in temporary housing can be a bit of a challenge, but fortunately, when you’re working with a fully furnished apartment you have plenty of options to work with!

Wondering where people will sit, and how well they will mingle are just a few of the problems that present themselves when hosting a function of any size. However, the task of throwing a shin dig in interim housing doesn’t have to impede your plans. Let your guests enjoy the benefits of your all inclusive apartment! Arch Interim Housing knows the importance of making the best use of a small space, so here are a few party planning tips to help you entertain big in a small way.

  • When determining your choice of food and drink, minimum is the way to go. You can spend less time worrying about refreshing refreshments and more time enjoying your company.
  • Keep in mind that a party could mean more opportunity for spills. So if you have white carpet or delicate furniture, forego the red wine and salsa dip. You don’t want to spend the party on your hands and knees cleaning, while having a meltdown about your floors.
  • Don’t overcrowd your party area with decorations. You don’t want your space to look busy. Instead, add some mood lighting and decorate the walls and ceilings. If your budget allows, replace a couple pictures with mirrors. A few mirrors always make a space look more open.
  • Sometimes temporary housing can deter a renter from hosting a party. Our fully furnished apartments are meant to be enjoyed! Use extra rooms to store guest coats and belongings ere if there isn’t enough room allowed in the coat closet; rearrange some furniture for the evening and have a great time!
  • Finally, and most important, relax and enjoy yourself! Your friends are there to enjoy themselves, and your company!

Throwing a party, whether big or small, doesn’t have to be stressful. Especially if you live in an Arch property! If in need of short term stay, corporate housing, and for more ideas on how to use your small space wisely, please contact the housing professionals of Arch Interim by visiting