Corporate Housing in the Central West End


Central West End Corporate Housing. When on an extended or corporate stay you don’t have to sacrifice luxury for expensive hotel rates. At Arch Interim Housing, we specialize in providing impressive accommodations for those who want a feeling of home with the amenities of a hotel. Take The Orion, for example. Located in the historic Central West End, The Orion is just a short stroll to Forest Park, The Fox Theatre, and fine-dining establishments. But The Orion offers much more than just it’s gorgeous and exciting surroundings. With the available conveniences, you may wish your business trip would never end!

The property at the Orion boasts an onsite Whole Foods store, making it easy for you to prepare fresh meals in the comfort of your very own apartment. You will find the 24-hour health and wellness center to be extremely beneficial in maintaining your fitness goals. State-of-the-art equipment will allow you to work off the day’s stress so you can relax. And why not finish your workout routine with a dip in the rooftop saltwater pool? If you’re an eco-friendly corporate traveler who drives an electric vehicle, you won’t have to worry about charging the battery! The corporate housing at The Orion has several stations where you can juice your car up for the next day’s travel. Parking will also never be an issue at The Orion, as the facilities include an attached parking garage. With so much to do onsite, you might find it difficult to get out and see the city. However, when you’re ready for a night on the town, ring the concierge to obtain reservations to the hottest restaurants in St. Louis!




Beyond the niceties that the property features, each apartment offers an extensive variety of comforts. All living quarters are fully-furnished with deluxe furniture, making the move-in process so quick and easy. Every kitchen has been decorated with elegant housewares, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and hard-surface floors so extended stay travelers can host dinner for their new friends and acquaintances. Each corporate housing apartment at The Orion includes a flat panel TV, expanded cable services, and a DVD player for nights you just want to stay in and unwind. With a washer and dryer in the corporate apartments at The Orion, every guest can conveniently clean their laundry without running to a laundromat or dry cleaner, as well. The large closets in each apartment are perfect for storing the fresh, clean laundry once it’s washed!

While many are tempted to stay in hotels and pay excessive rates when traveling on extended stays or corporate trips, with Arch Interim Housing you can retain the amenities at a much more affordable rate. Whether you’re looking for corporate housing in the Central West End or any other neighborhood in the Greater St. Louis Metro area, you will love the options provided by Arch. Every property that we rent is easily accessible to major highways so that you can get to your business post in no time. For more information about the extended stay accommodations offered by Arch Interim Housing, call us today at (866) 921-5888 or complete our online contact form!