It’s that time again! The wonderful color experts at Pantone have come out with the 2014 color of the year, and its name is Radiant Orchid (Pantone 18-3224).

Radiant Orchid is said to spark the imagination, and inspire confidence, and clearly it does just that. Dallas native Tristen Paige, CEO and Founder of nonprofit organization Turning Paiges, says she has already begun incorporating the new color both in and outside of the office.

“I was deciding on what color to use for my winter decor, and it just so happened right before I decided on one, I heard Pantone had announced their color of the year.” Paige said. “As cliché as it sounds, I was immediately inspired.”

With its growing popularity, Radiant Orchid is already a hit in Hollywood. However, you don’t have to be a celebrity to decorate your home with it. Radiant Orchid is one of those colors that can be easily incorporated in your home or office, and not for a hefty price!

An exciting color for the home, there are many ways to have fun with it. Putting up a few wall decals, and adding some fuchsia pillows on the bed are great ways to spruce up a bedroom. Also, think about the description of the color, Radiant Orchid. What better way to decorate your kitchen or living room, than actually adding an orchid or two?

Offering softness, femininity, and perfect for decorating in both the winter and summer months, Radiant Orchid is truly a year round, feel good color of the year.