Winter in St. Louis is here, and it’s not budging for a few months. Chances are if you can avoid being caught out in the cold, you’re going to be spending more time inside your extended stay apartment in the upcoming months. For many, this can soon lead to “cabin fever.” Luckily, Arch Interim’s corporate suites across the St. Louis area can help you combat your cabin fever with the many amenities included in their luxury furnished corporate apartments.

Host a Gathering

Most of our luxury extended stay properties feature spacious media & recreation rooms that are the perfect venue for a get-together. Get your work friends together for a card game, or plan a dinner party in your high quality corporate apartment. If your group chooses to venture out into the cold for after-dinner drinks, many of our Greater St. Louis area extended-stay properties are within walking distance of the best in St. Louis nightlife.

Learn a New Recipe

Our superior quality corporate apartments come with fully equipped kitchens that are the perfect place to explore your love of cooking. Choose a recipe that challenges you, or try to perfect a favorite. Stock up on a variety of fresh ingredients from a local market and explore the tastes of St. Louis from any of our conveniently located corporate suites! Invite a friend or coworker over to catch up!

Perfect Your Pool Game

Some of our luxury executive housing properties feature a Billiards Room, open to residents and their guests only. Check with our corporate lodging team to find out which extended stay properties feature Billiard’s Rooms, Media Centers, Cafes, and more!

Focus on Fitness

Many of our high quality temporary housing properties feature fitness centers that come equipped with the fitness technology you love. Don’t worry about bundling up before heading out! Most fitness centers are conveniently located on-site within our corporate suite properties, and are open twenty-four hours a day so you can exercise at a time that works best for your schedule!

There are plenty of ways to combat the winter blues during your stay at Arch Interim Housing’s luxury furnished apartments. St. Louis winters can be cold, and long! To make the most of your extended stay corporate housing, even when it’s cold outside, be sure to check out the amenities that our fully furnished apartments have to offer. Please join us on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.