Arch Interim Corporate Housing is committed to making the transition between your homes as easy as possible. But that concept is often lost because many do not understand why corporate housing is necessary. Here are some common fables about corporate housing exposed.

  1. Corporate housing is only meant for business travelers: The truth is, anyone can stay in corporate housing. It’s not just meant for people on business trips, although that’s what’s is mainly used for. Under so many different scenarios, corporate housing is a option. For example, take someone who just sold his or her home but have yet to find another. Corporate housing would be a temporary solution for him or her.
  2. Corporate housing and hotels are the same thing: Other than the fact that both are intended for a short stay, they are nothing alike. Corporate housing provides a home; it looks like a home, feels like a home, and is even furnished like a home. A feeling of community is built because corporate housing is not just an extended stay at a hotel. Its built like any other sub division to give neighbors the chance to interact and get to know each other
  3. Hotels are a cheaper option: False! Corporate housing has been proven to be less expensive than extended stays in hotels. Not only that but there’s almost always more space but sometimes even have housekeeping included.


Corporate housing may seem like an obscure, unnecessary to some, but it is an alternative to many different problems. It’s meant for all people and all scenarios.  For information on Arch Interim Corporate Housing, contact us as (866) 921-5888.