If you’re staying in one of Arch Interim Housing’s St Louis corporate housing location’s this holiday season and are looking for inspiration to create the perfect holiday setting for your space; you’ve come to the right place! Whether you plan on having a holiday dinner party or are looking forward to a quiet and relaxing holiday season, we have the tips you need to enjoy a simple yet joyful holiday in your corporate apartment!

This year we’re thinking minimal, less Christmas tree and more accent decor. Don’t get us wrong, we love a beautiful Christmas tree, but we don’t love the cost and hassle of maintaining one. There are so many creative and charming alternatives to decorate your St Louis furnished apartment for the holidays, is a tree even necessary? We don’t think so! After quite a bit of holiday inspiration browsing, we’ve narrowed down our search to three simple decorative ideas perfect for anyone looking for an easy, yet festive, way to create and enjoy the holiday spirit.


good-things-wreaths-diyCheerful Windows – Creating mini wreaths to hang in your windows is almost as effortless as these wreaths are beautiful. The steps are simple: hot glue sprigs of greenery or pieces of garland to an embroidery hoop and hang the wreaths by ribbon. These mini wreaths incorporate a Christmas tree touch without taking up floor space and creating a mess. Your wreath display is sure to bring cheer to you and your holiday guests.


vegetable-vases-diyInviting ambiance – Draping white string lights on your walls, around your plants, entertainment center, or bookshelf is a beautiful yet minimal way to create a large impact. String lighting creates the perfect ambiance for a small dinner party or a relaxing night for yourself. These lights serve as additional lighting and create a whimsical feeling. Using white lighting is a creative and modern approach for interiors and if you love the appeal of these lights you can keep them up all year long without giving off a holiday vibe!


Charming display – These vegetable vases are our favorite decorative idea this year! A unique, simple and inexpensive DIY project perfect to use as a setting (or centerpiece) on your tablescape or to display throughout your corporate apartment. Believe us when we say these vegetable vases are extremely easy to make! Not to mention, the vibrant colors of the flowers combined with the various shapes and sizes of seasonal vegetables create such a happy attraction for your holiday dinner guests or for you to enjoy during your personal time.


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