In the heart of the summer season, we’re finding ourselves inspired by the plentiful availability of fresh vegetables, so we gathered a few great recipes to try in your fully equipped kitchen during your temporary St. Louis stay in one of Arch Interim Housing’s corporate apartments.

To start off with a more traditional salad, take a look at the My Favorite Greek Salad with Homemade Whole Wheat Pita. Delicious, with only five ingredients, none of which are lettuce, perfect for those that aren’t typical salad lovers! This recipe is both fresh and filling.

To mix up your daily lunch salad, give this salad a spin: Tortilla Chopped Salad with Black Bean Salsa and Ranch. This delicious mix of Mexican-inspired ingredients are sure to excite your taste buds, and nearly convince you that you’re not even eating a salad! Every season makes for a perfect time to add avocado to anything and everything.

How about something you’ve never tried before? Mushroom Ceviche is a “skinny” meal alternative, which brings vegetables to the center stage, alongside red onions, peppers, cilantro, and jalapeños. Your fully equipped kitchen is the perfect place to try out new recipes; host new friends around the dining table at your Arch Interim Housing apartment.

Invite your new neighbors over to try The All Day Dinner, which starts off with a spring sorrel salad with mint, peas, and Parmesan. Sliced spicy potato fries with homemade mayonnaise share the main stage with grilled black sea bass.

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