Displaced by Natural Disaster? Call Arch!

by | Apr 14, 2024 | Preparing to Relocate To St. Louis, Why Corporate Housing

It’s no secret that the Greater St. Louis region has already seen a good deal of inclement and even dangerous weather in recent years. From thunderstorms and tornadoes in mid-April to incredible amounts of rain and floodwaters, residents of the region have suffered damage and even displacement in these storms and natural disasters. 

Be Prepared

Being prepared and aware is the first line of defense when it comes to inclement weather. The City of St. Louis does a great job keeping residents updated on inclement weather, helping you to stay abreast of potential weather situations that could prove dangerous. Be sure to stay aware of any weather alerts If you’re new to the area, and educate yourself on the location of tornado shelters, warming stations, etc. 

Displaced… Now What?

If you’ve already been affected by a weather disaster and are looking for some sort of short-term, furnished apartment here in the St. Louis area, you’re on the right track. It can be difficult to decide which course of action to take in times like these, true. Families might believe that their only option, aside from staying temporarily with relatives or friends, is retreating to a small hotel room as they try to sort out what has happened in their lives. 

However, living in a hotel room with your family for an undetermined amount of time (as days turn into weeks) is not sustainable long-term. Nerves can get frayed, relationships strained, and children can get restless. Looking for furnished short term rentals in St. Louis is a much better option!

Furnished Short Term Rentals

When you stay in one of our furnished short term apartments here in St. Louis, you won’t have to be far from the people or places you love. And you won’t have to worry about space or feeling cramped or limited. Our clean, spacious apartments offer comfortable quarters including a living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Plus, each apartment comes with in-unit laundry facilities. Additionally, our locations offer fantastic amenities including resort-style pools, 24-hour gyms, and so much more!

Family sleeping safely in corporate housing

Sleeping Well in Times of Uncertainty

During these uncertain times, you may find that sleep can be elusive. However, when you stay in one of our furnished apartments, even short-term, you’ll be set up for success. Why? Because all of our beds come with our high-quality memory foam mattresses. You will find your body relaxing as soon as you hit the bed, and sleep will become much easier to obtain than you thought previously. We guarantee you that you will not find this level of comfort and satisfaction in a regular old hotel. 

Pets Are Welcome

Have a pet? No worries – you don’t have to exclude your dog or cat from relocating with you! Yes, when we say that your family is welcome in our fully-furnished units, we also mean furry family members! 

A Stay that Won’t Break the Bank

Perhaps the best reason to stay in an Arch Interim Housing unit is the fact that you can give your family the best experience with minimum impact to the family budget.  Our furnished apartments (which are at least twice as large, if not more, than a typical hotel room) are 20-50% less than the price you would pay for a hotel room. Better yet, even if you plan a short-term stay but ending up needing something longer, we can flex with you. 

Our St. Louis Furnished Apartments are Exactly What You Need

If you find that you have become displaced from the recent barrage of storms, we are deeply sorry for the damages to your home (and heart!), but please do know that we are always here to help you through this difficult time. Short-term, long-term, whatever you need – we’re here to help!

You’ll find that it makes sense to stay with us in this time of stress and confusion. If you or someone you know has experienced damage to your home and you don’t know where to turn to, worry no longer! Arch Interim Housing is here to provide you with comfortable, affordable, temporary shelter.