At Arch, we believe that we’re only as good as our team of employees. We know we have the very best team here at Arch Interim Housing, and we would be nowhere without them! One of our most essential members of the team is none other than Gretchen Thompson!

Gretchen has a Bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Missouri and has a strong affinity and passion to serving the needs of our clients. Her industry knowledge, relationships, and background are what help separates Arch Interim Housing apart from our competitors!

Gretchen has the knowledge and expertise to make Arch Interim Housing the best around! She started her career as an apartment community property manager over 22 years ago and brings with her a complete understanding of how to exceed guests’ expectations. She has an unmatched desire to help our guests and to provide excellent customer service, and her desire to help radiates in everything that she does.

Gretchen accredits her family life for her strong work ethic and drive. The oldest of three girls, she was always very independent at a young age, and she grew up knowing the value of a dollar and the importance of having goals and working hard for what you want out of life. A Missouri native, Gretchen grew up in Webster Groves. She carefully observed her mother, a business owner who sold dollhouse furniture, and her father, a salesman for Missouri Envelope Company, as they conducted their business day in and day out. She believes that she has learned all of her skills from watching her parents and helping whenever she was needed.

Gretchen has always had a fierce competitive streak. When she was 12, she was playing baseball in a field near her house when all the girls left, leaving her with 6 boys. They asked if she would leave, too, shouting, “Afraid to be the only girl?” Intrigued and ready for a challenge, Gretchen stood her ground, deciding to be the pitcher. She threw the ball, and as it was hit, it went right back to her – it was a line drive to the face.

While she lost 2 pints of blood and gained a broken nose that day, the experience has never deterred her away from playing ball, and as the boys helped get her to the hospital, she realized that day what great friends she had and truly felt the support from her friends and family.

In her spare time, Gretchen enjoys cooking, camping, reading, walking, and playing golf and tennis. She loves partaking in activities that keep her mind and body alive and enjoys anything that poses a challenge. She also enjoys spending quality time with her daughter, Morgan, and with her closest friends, most of whom she has known since the age of 5.

Gretchen is more than happy to assist with any problem or inquiry that you might have! You can be assured that she will do all that she can to ensure that all of your questions, concerns, and requests do not go unattended.

If you’re interested in finding about our products or services, please call (314) 983-0933 or visit us online at to see how we can better serve you!