Pet owners undoubtedly love their pets and everything about them which is why they have pets in the first place, but with all the pros there can be some cons and one of those cons is trying to keep them off your
furniture. Especially if you have furniture that you paid a pretty penny for and want to keep clean and looking brand new.

The best way to keep your pets off of your furniture, is a strong foundation of training to keep the off of the furniture in the first place. It is very important to be consistent, meaning not them sometimes cuddle with you on the couch and other times yell at them and discipline them for doing something you allowed in the first place. Preventing bad behavior is where to start.

With that said there are other alternatives to use if you are just beginning to train them to stay off the furniture. One way to begin training is to put a plastic cover, blanket, or sheet on couches and chairs. This keeps pet hair off and if you happen to be out of the room for a while and come back in and find your pet on the sofa at least they weren’t sitting directly on the fabric but the cover.

Another tip is to put double-sided tape on your furniture along the back, arms, and other areas where pets are more likely to claw, unless you have leather furniture (double-sided tape can tear through leather!) This will prevent your pet from clawing at your furniture and potentially causing unsightly damage.

This goes into the next tip of giving your pet an area designated just for them. Big or small dog beds are very popular and I know the big dog I had loved it and always lied down on it. Blankets work just as well too. Cats need something to scratch and that is why they make scratching posts so they won’t be tempted to tear into your nice furniture. Also towers or houses for cats work well because they like to sit up high and that is a good place for them to sit high on a perch without them climbing on your coach, desk or book case All of these tips and tricks are very helpful to allow you and your furry friends to coexist!

At Arch Interim Housing, we welcome your pawed pals with open arms which helps save your pet the stress of being kenneled regularly and is easier on your pocket book! Having your family pet stay with you truly makes our housing feel like your home, and with your comfort being one of our main priorities we understand that coming home to your four-legged friends is important! Some of our units even include spacious bark parks for you and Skip to stretch your legs!