Are you staying in an Arch Interim Housing corporate suite? If so, you’re probably unfamiliar with the city of St. Louis and might be unaware of all the wonderful things to partake in within the city. Did you know that St. Louis is full of fantastic activities to do, well-renowned eateries, and places full of unforgettable events to participate in?

The best part is that traveling to these places, while easy to begin with, is easier than ever with “Attraction Corridor” signs, which are located along the major thoroughfares and interstates of the city. On those signs, you will see attractions related to the big three inner-city thoroughfares – Broadway, Grand Avenue, and Kingshighway.

Last month, we discussed all of the various activities in the Grand Avenue Corridor. In this month’s final edition, we at Arch Interim Housing will discuss 10 fantastic activities you can partake in and enjoy along and near Kingshighway. Read all about them below!

Missouri Botanical Garden – Treat yourself with a visit to the nation’s oldest botanical garden! The Missouri Botanical Garden in South St. Louis includes gorgeous gardens, a tropical rain forest inside the Cimatron geodesic dome, a 14-acre Japanese strolling garden, a seasonal Children’s Garden, and much more!

Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis – The beautiful Cathedral Basilica isn’t just a cathedral; it has the world’s largest collection of mosaic art and also has a museum and a shop. It is open to the faithful and to the curious alike. Masses are held daily, and anyone wanting to check out the gorgeous church can do so on a self-guided tour. The lower level Mosaic museum has an admission of only $1.

Forest Park – A world-wide attraction, Forest Park is located in the heart of the City of St. Louis, boasting a whopping 1,293 acres, making it even larger than New York City’s Central Park. This public park features several attractions such as the St. Louis Zoo, the St. Louis Art Museum, the St. Louis Science Center, and much more!

St. Louis Zoo – Located within Forest Park, the St. Louis Zoo has been named America’s #1 Zoo by Zagat Survey and Parenting Magazine and is widely recognized for its innovative approaches to animal management, research and education, and wildlife conservation. It features various animals including several big cats, penguins and puffins, African and Asian animals, reptiles, apes, and sharks and rays, and it is one of the few free zoos in the nation.

The Hill – Recognized nationally and much-loved locally, the Hill features highly-acclaimed restaurants, specialty shops, and tours. Located only 10 minutes from downtown, the Hill is one of the city’s greatest attributes and deserves to be explored thoroughly!

St. Louis Art Museum – Looking for an amazing locale to see some amazing, unique artwork? Then the St. Louis Art Museum is right for you! A world-class art museum, the St. Louis Art Museum is located in Forest Park and features works of art from nearly every culture and time period. The best part – general admission is free!

The Loop – If you’re looking for a fun, vibrant location full of fantastic restaurants, shopping, entertainment, and arts, then the Loop is right up your alley! Dine at one of the award-winning restaurants like Fitz’s. Check out a concert. Stop by a fun clothing boutique, record shop, or anime store, and enjoy the St. Louis Walks of Fame along the sidewalks as you enjoy your day!

Missouri History Museum – History buffs, travelers, and locals alike will love the Missouri History Museum, which is located in Forest Park! The museum offers traveling museum exhibitions, tours, family activities, special events and workshops, programs for school classes and youth groups, theatrical and musical presentations, and presentations on a variety of topics about the history of Missouri and the St. Louis region.

St. Louis Science Center – One of the top 5 science centers in the nation, the St. Louis Science Center has something for everyone! Explore the center, which features more than 700 exhibits. Check out the James S. McDonnell Planetarium. Be filled with awe and wonder when you watch an educational film in the 4-story OMNIMAX Theatre, and so much more! The science center is conveniently located near Forest Park.

Historic Dogtown – If you have time on your hands and are up for a fun adventure, check out Dogtown, which is located right across from Forest Park! This close-knit community boasts more than 200 years of history and is filled with friendly restaurants and fun events to partake in.

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