Doesn’t it look nice? The neutral furniture and warm wall color make this space seem bigger and the natural light shines off the polished hardwood floors. The room flows in the best way. Question is, how do they do it?

At Arch Interim Housing, providing both beautiful and functional living space to our residents is our primary goal. So, naturally, when we have the opportunity to do a little “light” reading, we look for the latest in home renovation and decoration ideas to see what we can do to keep our housing units feeling like home.

This striking photo of hardwood flooring has us thinking about some of the pros and cons of natural wood flooring. Hardwood floors seem like the easiest option to many people. There’s no need to vacuum, most liquid stains aren’t problematic and they keep cool in hot summers. However, floors aren’t maintenance free.

Vacuuming may not be a problem but you still need to sweep often and polish regularly to keep your floors looking their best. Just like anything else, hardwood floors collect dust and lose their shine over time. If you want your floors to look good, you have to put in the time and effort.

Despite preconceived notions, liquid stains do exist in hardwood floors. They usually happen over time when a liquid sets too long and it seeps into the wood. A bleach agent is best for these to get rid of deeper liquids, followed up by re-staining and finishing the area.

But don’t let these small details deter you from the beauty of hardwood floors. When properly taken care of, hardwood floors can light up a room in ways tile and carpet cannot.

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