Isn’t it wonderful that we can travel to the destinations we need or want to reach and are able to stay somewhere for a night, a week, a month, or longer?

While sometimes it’s nice to stay in a hotel room for the day or better part of the week, it’s never really a fun idea to think about for more than a week, let alone a month. Not only will you be cramped in a small, unfamiliar space, but you will also have to pay a pretty penny for your stay.

But if you don’t stay in a hotel room, what’s the alternative? Sleeping in your car?

No way! You can have a comfortable and affordable stay in one of our fully-furnished, all-inclusive corporate apartments!

“Corporate apartment? What’s the difference between that and a regular old hotel room?” you ask.

We’re so glad you asked!

A corporate apartment is an economical alternative to a hotel and will cost you 40-60% less than a typical hotel stay. Corporate apartments typically offer twice the living space as a hotel room in a home like residential setting. Amenities often include fitness centers, resort style pools, business centers, billiard rooms, garages, full sized bathrooms, full sized and fully equipped kitchens, fireplaces, and recreational areas, which is way more than what you can get in many of your typical hotel chains!

We organize utilities, furniture, appliances, and amenities with a great deal of consideration. Every package is flexible and can easily be customized. A typical corporate apartment includes furniture, housewares, all utilities (electric, water, gas), local telephone service, expanded cable television, and high-speed wireless Internet. Washers and dryers are typically included in apartments (if connections are available). Housekeeping can also be included for an additional cost.

Oh, and you don’t have to be pigeon-holed into one certain area. If you have any certain requests to the area of the city, ground level, premium view, handicap accessibility, and more, we will take all of your requests into consideration and will match you to a property. We like to give our clients at least 3 options (apartment communities) to choose from. You can then tell us which one you like best!

Also, if you have a pet, you don’t have to worry about leaving him behind or putting him in a kennel – you can take your furry friend with you!

If you need to stay in the city for thirty days or longer, forget the hotels and give us a call at (866) 921-5888 or check out our website at! With Arch Interim Housing on your side, you can have an enjoyable and comfortable stay in the city and give your mind and wallet peace of mind!