Whether you’re staying in one of Arch Interim Housing’s St Louis corporate apartments or you just moved into a place of your own adjusting to a new setting can sometimes be tough. At Arch Interim Housing, our goal is to make our guests feel at home, and we want you to love the apartment you’re in! We’ve come up with 7 tips that will help you adapt and appreciate the space you’re in.

Check out the nightlife – No matter which corporate housing location you’re staying at with Arch Interim Housing there is sure to be shopping, dining, and lively night time activities near you. Here at Arch Interim Housing we want our guests to feel as comfortable as possible in their temporary spaces, and we want them to enjoy themselves! That’s why we offer locations in the most desirable areas of St Louis. You can check out Arch Interim Housing’s blog or visit websites like, Explore St Louis and River Front Times to see what’s going on in your neighborhood!

Rearrange furniture – Even if you choose to rearrange one room or your entire apartment, moving furniture around will create a new atmosphere in your space. You can add small home decor pieces to your shelves and counters or you can change the way your bookshelf and desk are set up! By rearranging the furniture and home goods in your apartment, you’re creating your own space, and if you don’t love it the first time, you can do it again! Small changes make a big impact whether you’re adding plants or simplifying your space.

Add art – Adding art to a space is a small change that creates a lively impact. You can hang your favorite prints up, find unique art at thrift stores for your walls and shelves, or pair photography with birthday/holiday cards. Filling your walls with things that inspire and make you happy are sure to make your apartment feel like home.

Get a good book – Enjoy your space by snuggling up and reading a really good book. Reading in bed in a nice clean and organized room helps relax and slow your thoughts down. Reading a good book is one of the Arch Interim Housing’s team favorite ways to enjoy a space.

Add Scents – Lighting candles and using air fresheners make coming home pleasant. Scent triggers memories and we want your memory of your temporary stay with Arch Interim Housing to be a good one! Using linen scents on your sheets or wax scents in your bathroom will make you enjoy the space you’re in.

Zone your space – it’s important to ensure your apartment supports the activities that take place inside of it. Do you have people over all the time? Or do you tend to spend more time relaxing and working in your apartment? Analyze the way you’re using space in your apartment and make sure that the current setup suits your needs. For instance, if you like to host dinner parties, but your dining set up is squeezed into a small area of your apartment it may be time to rethink the way you have it arranged.

Light up your apartment – Is your apartment too dark or too light? Evaluate the way you’re using lighting in your space and play with lighting to see how it makes you feel. By using at least three different light sources in a room, you can create a better ambiance. You’ll be amazed about what lighting can do for you in a space. Also, consider utilizing natural light, do you have a beautiful window, but always keep the curtain closed? Experiment with the way the rooms in your apartment are being lit and have fun seeing which type of lighting works best for you.


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