With warmer weather on the horizon, many are beginning to look forward to planning community gatherings and resident parties. These events can be a great way to get to know your neighbors, even in a temporary or short term living situation. From the days of block parties and barbecues, everyone enjoys a sense of knowing their neighbors and feeling as though they belong as part of their community.

The best way to begin planning a community or resident party is to begin to get to know each of your neighbors. Whether they’re short term stay, or have been your neighbor for years, knocking on the door and expressing an interest in getting to know them is a great first step! Getting help from a few friendly volunteers will allow you to share the fun in completing certain tasks like picking the music, and decorating, and choosing the menu.

One of our all-inclusive apartments should carry just about everything you need- but make a checklist of the items you know you’ll want to gather prior to the party. Inexpensive dishes, extra table cloths and seating can all be rented, or you can work together as a group to sort out the items you know you will need.

It’s important to include everyone in your gathering, and let them decide if they’d like to come. Do not assume that since you’ve never spoken with the family in 6C that they’re not interested in a great party! Including everyone in the party is what truly makes it a Resident Party. We at Arch Interim Housing, urge our residents to enjoy their housing to its fullest potential. Ask us how we can help to accommodate a barbecue or event, we’ll work with you any way we can!