July 2009

Whether you’re in the midst of an overwhelming business project or undergoing medical treatments away from home, Arch Interim Housing has a number of comfortable, temporary lodging options that will easily fit your budget in the Greater St Louis Area. If you need accommodations for your entire family, there’s a wide selection of short term furnished housing options that will fit your requirements, providing your family with amenities, security and comfort. For an individual, choose all the amenities you’d expect in a gracious, furnished apartment or corporate suite environment without a complex, expensive lease commitment and only a minimum 30 day commitment. Enjoy at least twice the space of an average hotel room along with full kitchens, separate living and bedrooms, a washer and dryer in your apartment along with fantastic amenities like, resort style swimming pools, 24 hour fitness centers, tennis courts, basketball courts etc. Arch Interim Housing has furnished housing alternatives for all your short or long term needs in the Greater St Louis Area. One bedroom apartments start at $59 daily, compare all you get with Arch Interim Housing versus an impersonal hotel suite and you’ll see why savvy folks choose temporary housing over hotels. Doesn’t it make sense to get twice the space at 1/2 the price?