There are many savvy ideas out there for the budget, and time conscious decorator. However, not knowing where to start can be a little stressful. Additionally, living in a temporary or short term stay situation may impede on your designer dreams. At Arch Interim Housing, we understand that your home is your haven, and at times you may not be in the perfect financial position to completely decorate your place like “as seen on TV.” So to get you started, we came with a few things you can do to make your domain a happy one, and not at your total expense.

  • If a high end look is what you are seeking, narrow down your search at a specialty antiques store. Now some people hear the word antique and instantly think “high dollar,” but this isn’t always the case. You can honestly find great buys there, and it could be for a lot less than you think. Adding a personal touch with a classic piece can make your already furnished apartment feel more like home.
  • Rugs can be the glue that holds your space together! Aside from bringing a pop of color to any room, they can also provide for a great design inspiration. Once you have an affordable good-sized rug picked out, you can start arranging your furniture and choosing décor around it.
  • Covering a wall is an excellent way to spice up a room and add some life to it. Wall art is a great way to transform temporary housing into a familiar, cozy, space. If buying pictures is beyond your budget, try creating your own! Canvas paintings have always been popular, but they have really been trending in interior design lately. Make a little trip to your local art supply store and pick up a canvas, some paint and put on your not-so-Sunday’s-best, then go to town.
  • Don’t be afraid of DIY projects. All inclusive living doesn’t have to mean you quit getting creative! Aside from the fact that DIY projects are a great way to decorate your home while saving money, you get a chance to explore your artistic side and create something new and exciting! Whether it’s an idea or inspired piece, you can’t go wrong with painting an old table or reupholstering that funky chair you found.
  • New hardware goes a long way in a new place. It’s one of the easiest fixes to make when trying to personalize your apartment. Also, it’s not hard to return it to its original state when you’re ready to move out. Exchanging the knobs on your kitchen cabinets, or the light switch plates in your bedroom or bathroom helps to give an upgraded feel for less. Not to mention, with so many options this simple fix allows you such flexibility you could change with your mood if necessary.

Bottom line, no one wants to feel as though their home isn’t “homey.” You can create a gorgeous space using our fully furnished apartments and adding a touch or your taste and style! With some creativity you can totally revamp your place in an inexpensive way while getting the look you love.