During this time of the year, many college students are looking to the summer months making plans for their continued education. There are a wide variety of opportunities for Greater St. Louis area for students looking to enrich their education through special programs and internships, but many students are hesitant to pursue summer experiences if they’re unable to secure housing in between semesters.

Staying in a hotel for your summer internship in St. Louis can be costly and cramped, and crashing on your friend’s couch isn’t an ideal solution to your interim housing needs. Arch Interim Housing offers affordable, luxurious temporary housing locations all throughout the St. Louis area. Our variety of locations to choose from make our services ideal for those who don’t have the time or means to commute every day. With properties just minutes from everything in St. Louis, you can choose a fully furnished apartment that’s perfect for your short term stay this summer.

Summer school, internships, research programs, volunteering opportunities, and fellowships all offer an excellent array of experience to build your resume while attending school in St. Louis. Focus on your future and call one of Arch Interim Housing’s all inclusive living, fully furnished apartments home.

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