When you are traveling for work or you are in the process of being relocated, trying to keep up with a healthy routine can be difficult. However, when you are going to be staying in one location for 30 days or longer, staying in Corporate Housing versus an Extended Stay hotel can be most beneficial to your regimen.

Of course, hotels are notorious for offering a variety of amenities for guests to use, such as fitness centers, pools, and room service. However, the atmosphere of a hotel, in general, does not necessarily promote a healthy lifestyle.

However, When you choose corporate housing you have the opportunity to not only live a healthy lifestyle but save money while doing so. Because corporate housing apartments are fully furnished, you will have a complete kitchen where cooking your own healthy meals or prepping your daily lunch is a completely viable option versus constantly ordering take out, eating gas station salads, or settling for fast food. Furthermore, corporate housing locations are generally located in residential areas where supermarkets and grocery stores are close by, while hotel locations are usually in commercial areas that require you to go out of your way to find shopping centers for groceries (plus, if there’s one at all, the refrigerator in the hotel won’t be very large).  


As mentioned before, extended stay hotels will usually give guests access to a fitness center, but with limited access times and equipment. Yet, at most corporate apartment locations, like the ones provided by Arch Interim Housing, there will be on-site fully equipped gyms for tenants to use, usually accessible 24 hours a day. Additionally, because most corporate housing locations are in residential areas, there are normally parks or walking trails nearby where you can get outside to workout.

Being away from home for an extended amount of time for your job, a relocation, or just temporary displacement from your house does not mean you must give up living your healthy lifestyle. Choosing corporate housing for your temporary needs can help keep you on track and save you money, not only because it is cheaper than extended stay hotels, but because you won’t have to spend excess money on take-out or restaurant food.

If you are looking for corporate housing, extended stay housing or furnished apartments in the St. Louis area, contact Arch Interim Housing! Your complete satisfaction is our number one priority!

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