Living in downtown St. Louis is a thrilling experience! People are friendly, there are many places to hang out and everything is close by. But sometimes, knowing the norms of a local can prove to be difficult. Understanding the area is one way to learning to become a local.

First off, what is Central West End’s transportation system? Many people walk. Because everything is close, walking is a great option. Not only is it great exercise, but it’s good for the environment. There are also the options of taking the bus or driving. But beware when driving; parking is sometimes impossible! Make sure parallel is something you’re comfortable with before you take a drive around Central West End.

Now that you know how to get around, where are the places you go when you live in Central West End? Small 24 hour coffee shops, bars, restaurants from Italian to Caribbean, little boutiques and tons more. This area is filled with locally owned businesses so taxes get filtered right back into your city.   Central West End is especially fun with a group of friends. The night life is a little more calm than the Delmar Loop or The Landing, however it’s great for a relaxing night out.

No matter where you’re at, living like a local is key to getting the best experience from your neighborhood. Arch Interim Corporate Housing is proud to own two locations in Central West End, both housing units filled with stylish furniture and close to all the fun. Find the location that works best for you.