There’s just nothing like a warm, delicious home-cooked meal. It’s one of the best things about having a functioning kitchen in the home you live in! But sometimes it’s hard to find the time to dedicate to making a scrumptious home-cooked meal or to simply take the time to find groceries to make a good healthy meal. In fact, many of us opt out for the cheaper alternative of going out to dinner or grabbing something from a fast food place, which in the long run will cost us more money.

If you miss having those awesome home-cooked meals but don’t have the time to dedicate to make them yourself, then we have fantastic news for you!

Arch Interim Housing is proud to announce that we are now partnering with a wonderful personal chef from St. Louis and will be offering her services to all of our guests! Shanell Lightfoot, a.k.a. STL Personal Chef, makes delicious home-cooked meals to residents of St. Louis and the Metro East St. Louis region.

Shanell will come to your residence and give you a free consultation to get to know you and what your general tastes are. When you employ her cooking expertise, she will shop for groceries for your very own home-cooked meals, and she will prepare delectable, preservative-free meals for you! Afterward, she’ll even take time to clean your kitchen for you so you can enjoy a mouthwatering homemade meal without the worries of dishes or dirty counters!

The best part – you don’t even have to be home to enjoy these great homemade meals! If you won’t be home, just be sure to give Shanell access to get into your Arch Interim Housing corporate suite, and she will prepare your food, store it in Pactiv Pressware Paperboard Containers (which are designed for microwave and conventional oven usage), and store it in your refrigerator or freezer!

Shanell is a graduate of Tennessee State University and has a Bachelor of Science degree in hospitality and tourism administration. Her skills in hospitality have been trained and sharpened by Disney, and she has enjoyed cooking her whole life. She has even taken Master Chef cooking courses at Le Cordon Bleu in St. Peters, having recently graduated from the Culinary Business Academy in Atlanta, Georgia.

Shanell’s database of over 500 dinner recipes gives you so many options to choose from including such great meals as lemon & thyme crusted salmon in a parsley cream sauce, braised lamb shank, beef stroganoff, vegetable lasagna, crab stuffed chicken, seafood stuffed peppers, and so much more!

So if you think that only “rich” people can have a personal chef, then try Shanell’s awesome personal chef services when you stay in an Arch Interim Housing corporate suite! It’s a wonderful way to enjoy healthy, home-cooked meals while you’re on the road or working extra hard to make ends meet!

To set up your free consultation with Shanell, please call her at (314) 246-0270 or complete a form on her website. And if you’re tired of staying in that old apartment of yours or if you’re looking for somewhere amazing to live in St. Louis, pick up the phone and call Arch Interim Housing at (866) 921-5888 or visit us online at [url site]! We guarantee that we can assist you with your temporary housing needs. If you have any doubt about our superior quality and service, go ahead and check our guests’ testimonials here!