With the holidays quickly approaching, staying in corporate housing might not seem like the homiest place to be. However, with a few personal touches and minor planning on your end, your stay in corporate housing can be enjoyable, and even memorable.

flowers-deskThe first thing you may want to try to make your fully furnished apartment feel like home is to decorate or rearrange the furniture to your liking. Try adding flowers that remind you of home or scented candles or plug-ins that are familiar. Maybe you prefer that the furniture be close for conversing, or spread out to maximize space; whatever your preference is, try to incorporate what makes you feel most comfortable.

Next, you’ll want to include items that are personal or sentimental. Try family photos on the bookshelf, your favorite throw blanket on the sofa, or maybe even your favorite alarm clock on the nightstand. It may not sound like much, but these little tweaks can make an unfamiliar place start to feel a little warmer.

(Pro-Tip: Always double check with your corporate housing provider or lease to see what is allowed when it comes to rearranging/decorating.)             It would be a real bummer to have a surprise fee on your final billing statement.


Once you have added some personal touches to your extended stay apartment, try inviting people over for a dinner party. If you are staying in corporate housing while away on business, try inviting a few coworkers who may be in the same predicament, or new coworkers who are familiar enough with the area to share great advice on where to eat, shop, or hang out. With a fully furnished apartment, including the kitchen, you can whip up one of your favorite dishes from home to share with your new friends.

Lastly, just because you are staying in a corporate apartment doesn’t mean that it has to be your familiar place or the one place that makes you feel at home. Try exploring the neighborhood and area around your apartment. Maybe you’ll come across a small coffee shop with your favorite cup of joe, or a small 24-hour diner with homemade apple pie. The idea is to find a place that you can truly call your own for the time being.  

Corporate housing doesn’t have to remain an unfamiliar place throughout the duration of your stay. With the right personal touches and a little effort on your part, your corporate housing apartment will start to feel like a second home.

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