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Hotel Room vs. Corporate Apartment – What’s the Difference? You Might Be Suprised!

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Relocating? Remodeling? We Can Make the Transition Smooth!

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Getting ready for an extended stay in St. Louis?

Staying in St. Louis? See how we can help!

Expand Your Horizon with Corporate Housing in St Louis from Arch Interim Housing, providing attractive short-term housing alternatives

Expand your horizon with corporate housing!

Corporate Housing in St Louis MO that’s roomy and stress-free, Arch Interim Corporate Housing has just the ticket

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Visiting Consultants Bringing Family?

Trust Arch Interim Housing to provide the best furnished apartment or corporate housing in St. Louis!

Relocating? With Arch Interim Housing, Your Experience Will be Comfortable, Convenient, and More

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Relocating Employees to St Louis? Arch Interim Housing Will Save Your Company Money while Ensuring Your Employees a Great Experience

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Stop Searching, Arch Interim Housing Has Gorgeous Furnished Apartments in the Greater St. Louis area!

Corporate housing is designed to feel more like a home away from home, rather than a dreary, cramped hotel experience.