If you’re approaching a planned moving day, or you’ve been tasked with the need for a quick relocation, the list for what needs to happen to be fully prepared seems endless. Short-term stay, or long term relocation may change a few factors when prepping for your move, but fortunately most of the same “rules” apply. In the age of technology, there are a great variety of online tools to use when prepping for moving day. You can download a pre-made checklist, or create your very own customized list. It’s important to take the time to prioritize your needs and have everything written down- therefore you can reassess your progress at any given time. The more organized you are to begin the process, the easier it should be on everyone that’s involved.

Things to consider when moving include:

  • Change of address – visit your post office to fill out the form, or do it online.
  • Collect moving supplies- you’ll need boxes, labels, markers, packing supplies etc. Note: if you’re using a moving company they may provide most of this for you.
  • Organize and pack your items according to the room they will be housed in, or if they’re going to a separate storage facility.
  • Contact all of your utilities providers. Most short-term stay or all-inclusive living arrangements will provide all of your essentials, water, cable, etc. Check in advance.
  • Set up dates with your moving company or friends, make all necessary arrangements as soon as possible.
  • If moving to temporary or corporate housing- check to see which items are furnished and which you will need to bring.
  • Make arrangements for a sitter, or nanny during the time you are moving. Moving can be a stressful situation for everyone, and knowing your children are being taken care of will help ease some of the burden.
  • If you are relocating to all-inclusive housing, you may consider storing your furniture for the duration of your stay. Call around to local storage facilities, or take the time to tour them if possible. Speaking with the manager of your housing may be helpful, as they are more familiar with the area you are relocating to and have probably facilitated business with these companies in the past.