Staying in a hotel during a relocation can be monotonous and bunking with family members during a home renovation can make you feel like you are intruding. But before you go and make reservations with an extended stay hotel, if you are going to need residence for 30 or more days, here are three very important reasons to consider choosing Arch Interim Housing for your corporate housing.

Price Comparison

Staying at a hotel has some benefits: continental breakfast, turn down service, and free WiFi. However, a hotel room with about 300 square feet cost on average $100 per night, while staying at a corporate housing location for the same rate provides about 700 to 1000 square feet of your own space. Interim housing more often than not include cable and phone service, a gym facility on site, and private parking. While breakfast is not included in your interim housing, you do get a kitchen with the potential for a warm breakfast and a decent cup of coffee.
In addition to your kitchen, you get a bedroom, along with a separate living space and the best part is, that these are already furnished apartments with appliances and all the furniture you need. Generally, corporate housing also comes with a washer and dryer in the unit for potential renters to use instead of sending out your clothing to a cleaning service. Another money saver!

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Privacy Benefits

One of the best features about staying at a hotel is the room and maid service. However, this is also one of the most inconvenient factors. There is nothing quite like sleeping in on a Saturday. No work and no plans, just relaxation. UNTIL, you get that knock on the door and now you’re awake. With interim housing, housekeeping is a feature you can add and schedule. You also have the luxury of having a bedroom separate from your living space!
There is also the privacy and peace of mind knowing that your personal belongings are at a personal residence versus a hotel. If you visit home on the weekends or out for the entire day, knowing that your things are secure is an amenity hotels cannot provide.

Your Home Away From Home

One of the greatest features about extended stay housing is the potential to turn it into a place that feels like home. Sure you can place a picture of your family on your extended stay nightstand, but with interim housing, your family can stay with you. With the extra living space, you can host a lunch or dinner on the holidays or BBQ and play board games on the weekend.
Some corporate housing companies even give you the option to customize the furnishings of your apartment, giving you the ability to choose the furnishings that suit you. From wall decor to dinnerware, you can give personality to your temporary housing which is not an option at hotels.

So before your next home renovation or your next out-of-town training group session in the Greater St. Louis area that will last 30 or more days, check out temporary or corporate housing in your target area. Price, Privacy, and Potential are three underestimated qualities when considering a temporary residence, but now you know and with this knowledge can make the best decision for your family and employees.

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