February 2010

At Arch Interim Housing, we understand that employees who are asked to relocate face an exciting but challenging situation. At the same time those employees are working hard to fulfill their professional goals, they also must acclimate and adapt to a completely new environment and completely new living conditions. At Arch Interim Housing, we specialize in transforming this experience from one that is stressful, to one that is enjoyable. We ensure that your employees are living comfortably and conveniently, so that you can rest assured that they will remain productive and perform at their best.

Just as importantly, relocating your employees through Arch Interim Housing will save your company money. Housing your employees in a traditional hotel for more than a few days can end up being very expensive. Corporate housing provided by Arch Interim offers a more spacious, more comfortable, and more cost-effective alternative. Arch Interim Housing provides your employees with fully furnished apartment homes that include fully-functional kitchens, modern appliances, and all of the normal housing utilities. In addition, your employees will be provided all of the amenities they are used to at home: washers and dryers, access to fitness centers, swimming pools, garage parking, cable, high-speed internet access, and more — all for one low rate. Typically Arch Interim Housing rates for temporary housing in the greater St Louis area are 30- 60% less costly than hotel rooms. In other words, with Arch Interim Housing, you can ensure your employees all the convenience and comfort of living at home, at just a fraction of the cost of a traditional hotel stay for comparable periods of stay.

Boost the productivity of your relocating employees while strengthening your bottom-line.