February 2010

Over the past several years, across the nation, there has been a significant increase in the number of companies that have decided to permanently, or temporarily relocate their employees. At Arch Interim Housing, we understand that it can be an exciting, but challenging step in your career when you are asked by your employer to relocate. It can be stressful, and it may become more difficult to meet your professional goals while having to acclimate to a new, unfamiliar environment.

That is why it is so important that the temporary housing you will be staying in during this period is spacious, comfortable, convenient and feels like home.

With Arch Interim Housing on your side, you can rest assured that your stay will meet and exceed your expectations. There are countless advantages for choosing Arch Interim Housing as your temporary housing provider in the greater St Louis area. With Arch Interim Housing, you will stay in a warm, fully-furnished apartment or condominium in one of over 30 locations through the St. Louis area. Compare a stay in a fully furnished apartment home with 300 square foot hotel room. What you’ll find is that a fully furnished all inclusive Arch Interim Housing Apartment will not only save you money, yet will provide a much nicer environment to get acclimated with St. Louis. A recent guest staying in a fully furnished apartment provided by Arch Interim Housing made the following statement “You guys made me feel so stress-free in the midst of what could be a horribly stressful time. Great job, great service. Keep up the great work. I love it!” Gail Knopp.