Change can be difficult, especially a whole new home. That’s why it’s important to properly settle into your new place.
The experts at Arch Interim Corporate Housing have some tips on how to ease the transition. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new apartment or recently bought home, these tips apply to all situations!

First off, make sure to unpack all the boxes. This doesn’t have to happen overnight, but do make certain that it does happen within the first couple of weeks. It’s hard to make a new place seem like home when boxes are still packed and around the house.

Next, move all the big furniture in first. The bigger the furniture, the more work and energy it’ll cost. So go ahead to get it out of the way. Then move onto the smaller items and accessories. Decorating will be much easier since all the heavier items are in place.

Go for a walk around the neighborhood. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the streets. Neighbors might be out of the house posing the opportunity to make introductions. Connections with people around your area might come in handy later on. For example feeding a pet while away for a few days. It’s a simple task that can be entrusted to a neighbor.

Lastly, have a party! Invite friends, family, neighbors! A party will really break in the new place and it is a much deserved reward after all the unpacking is complete.

Make the move into your new place as easy as possible. Let Arch Interim know which of these tips work best for you like us on Facebook for advice and trends in the housing industry.