Maybe you’ve been temporarily placed in an unfamiliar city for a work project or you’ve just relocated and you’re staying in a corporate apartment. Whatever the reason may be, at Arch Interim Housing we know that finding places to go, places to eat, or something to do in a new city may be difficult. For that reason, we have put together a list of smartphone apps that can help make your stay in corporate housing easier and hopefully you’ll get to have a little fun after all the work is done.

 Uber or Curb

Both of these apps have the same concept in mind. Uber and curb are both apps that connect riders to drivers to help with transportation needs. From your phone, you can request a ride in seconds and be picked up in minutes. The fair for using these services is usually cheaper than other stand-alone transportation services and you are provided with a professional, background inspected, insured taxi or for-hire driver.

Be sure to check that these services are available in your area, although both services are in plenty of cities across the US, they are not in EVERY city.Staying in an Arch Interim Housing fully furnished apartment? Both Uber and Curb are available for the Greater St. Louis area!

Event Seeker and Field Trip

Event Seeker was designed to help users find upcoming concerts, theater shows, and sporting events in their area. Their motto? “Minimizing search and maximizing discovery,” making it the perfect smartphone app for clients staying in corporate housing and looking for something fun to do. In your downtime, you can catch a Foo Fighter concert at the hippest venue in town or tour one of the best art shows in the country, alone or even with your coworkers. 

Field Trip is similar to event seeker and provides users with information about surrounding restaurants, museums, and more. This app can run in the background of your phone and will send you a notification when you are near something “cool”. Providing history, ratings, and information about locations, Field Trip is a guide to the unique, interesting, and possibly hidden world around you.

Weather Channel or AccuWeather

Without stating too much of the obvious, when staying in a new city, it is essential to know how to dress for the weather, especially in a professional setting and particularly if you are new to the region. Here in the Midwest, the weather can be pretty unpredictable. One day you could be wearing a skirt, short sleeves, and your favorite peep-toe heels and the next you might need a parka to keep warm. In transitional seasons, much like the fall weather now, you may need both outfits in the same day! Keep up to date with any sudden weather changes or severe weather warnings with one of these convenient weather applications at your fingertips.

Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts, or Viberpeople-mother-family-father

You have probably heard of at least one of these smartphone applications and when staying in corporate housing, especially away from your family, friends, and loved ones, they are pretty essential. Each one of these apps allows you to communicate face to face with others using smartphones, tablets, or other video-capable devices. We know being away from your family can be difficult and while it’s not the real thing, these apps, at least, provide a chance for you to see who you’re speaking to and maybe ease a little bit of the separation anxiety.

(Some apps may not be available on all platforms. Visit your app store to check and see if these apps are available for your device.)

Each of the smartphone applications listed was designed to make life just a little easier for users, and here at Arch Interim Housing, we hope they help make your stay in corporate housing just a little easier as well. From ways to get involved in your new community to ways to stay in touch with your loved ones, we know how essential it is to make the best of your temporary living arrangements.
Arch Interim Housing provides corporate housing and furnished apartment accommodations to the Greater St Louis area and we pride ourselves on the exceptional customer service we provide to our clients. When you need a corporate housing provider in the Greater St Louis area, we invite you to see how Arch Interim Housing is exceeding all expectations, Contact us today.