Our lives are busier than ever, and if you’ve moved out of town recently you may have already found that even in a temporary living situation it can be easy to lose contact with those close to you. At Arch Interim Housing, we understand that many of our residents are here on business, and their lives can be extremely busy while staying with us. The good news is, that regardless of how busy we become with our work and personal lives, there are more ways than ever to stay in touch with friends and loved ones while you’re away. Our locations provide the best in high speed internet, which facilitates some of these tips and tricks, but we’ve also sprinkled in a few old fashioned ways to for you to stay connected.

A phone call. This one may seem a little obvious but in fact, many choose to shoot a quick “hello” text and stop there. An old fashioned phone call where you can take the time to carry on a conversation, be descript, and listen to your friend or family member is an irreplaceable form of communication while you’re away from home. Take the time and call someone you love today!

Snail Mail. Ten years ago we were flooded with mail. Letters, bills, post cards, advertisements and more used to be a regular occurrence in everyone’s mailbox- but now it seems the only things we receive are print ads and the occasional bill. That’s what makes writing and receiving a piece of hand written mail so special. Taking the time to sit down and write your friend about what you’ve been up to lately can be a welcomed break from the clattering keyboards and emails. Send a piece of handwritten mail to your family members frequently- and you’ll soon be receiving some in return! These letters may become keepsakes for your remembrance of a time when you lived away from home and here with us at Arch Interim Housing!

Skype or Face Time. There’s nothing quite like seeing the face of those you care about when you’re missing them and catching up. Technology like Skype and Face Time allow you to chat with your friends while seeing them in real time. It’s almost as good as an in-person conversation and many choose to do this while living away from their loved ones.

Social Media makes it possible for us to stay connected at all times with our family and friends in all four corners of the world. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and more are excellent ways to update your friends about the happenings in your day to day- and in turn you can see how they are doing. Add photos of your new city, brag about your all inclusive apartment, snap pics of your favorite place to grab coffee, or share articles about anything that interests you. Participating in a conversation on social media is a great way to bond all throughout your day- just make sure you’re not spending too much time on your devices or you’ll miss out on what’s happening around you!

Start a blog with shared access. Some friends and family members start blogs that are either private or public- and use them as a shared diary of what has been happening in their lives. Blog when you’re excited about an upcoming event, missing someone special, or noticed your friend’s favorite snacks are back on the shelves. This blog can act as a journal to look back on and enjoy for years to come- and doesn’t have to be something you only choose do while in your temporary living situation.

Staying in touch with those you care about while living in different cities can be challenging. Utilize all of the available ways to keep in touch and you could find the experience to be rewarding and can even bring your relationship closer together. Make time for correspondence even on your busiest days and you’ll remember your loved ones are only a phone call away.