Here at Arch Interim Housing, we offer several housing units that are located in the suburbs as well as the city. Each location has something unique to offer but the right place comes down to personal preferences and needs.

If you enjoy meeting new people, love riding your bike or walking to nearby stores and restaurants, live sustainably, appreciate fine art and culture or love being in the heart of chaos at times, you’re fit to be a city dweller. In the city, you’re centered around historic places and museums, theaters, monuments, and entertainment are at your fingertips. If this sounds like your ideal place, one of our two places in the Central West End could be the perfect home for you.

Our units in Central West End offer great nightlife with fine dining at restaurants such as The Drunken Fish and Bar Louie, countless local retail shops, and a busy atmosphere. This is a great spot not only for its lifestyle but it’s also minutes away from the city’s main public transportation, The Metrolink as well as Barnes Jewish Hospital, St. Louis and Washington University, Downtown St. Louis and the city of Clayton.

However, if you live a quieter, more relaxed lifestyle, enjoy more privacy, desire stronger bonds with your neighbors and appreciate the great outdoors then you’re fit for a suburban location. If this sounds like you, we suggest checking out our St. Charles and O’Fallon housing.

Our St. Charles and O’Fallon housing units are prime spots. Here, you reap the benefits of a truly central location. They’re only 30 minutes from downtown St. Louis but also extremely close to the city of O’Fallon where there is plenty to do. This would be an ideal spot for those who love the comfort of space but not too secluded from the city life.

As you can see, there are many factors that could determine your choice of residency. Both city and suburban life have advantages and disadvantages, but we encourage you to further look at all of our locations around the area. We are confident we will find the perfect fit for you.