Summer time means more fun in the sun, barbecues, and vacations…which can also mean more expenditures. At Arch Interim Housing, we know you work hard for your money! That’s why we’ve compiled a few ways to save some money this summer in St. Louis and still enjoy yourself!

Staycations! Instead of spending several thousand dollars on a vacation this year, check out your surrounding area and opt for a simpler, local, retreat instead. Living frugally doesn’t mean you have to skip your break from the fast paced work life. Spend a couple of nights in a local hotel for an escape, or if you’re really looking to save some cash- make the effort to make your home more of a retreat. One of the great benefits of our temporary housing units is that most of them feature many of the amenities of a resort! Enjoy your media room, resort-style pool, grilling areas, and more! Disconnect from the world and allow yourself to relax within your luxurious interim housing. Indulge in a massage at your local massage therapist, or schedule an afternoon of fun at a pottery painting class, or take a local adventure like ziplining or spelunking.

When you’re not enjoying the luxury of Arch Interim Housing– make sure your home is energy efficient for the warmest months of the year. Check the insulation surrounding your home, including checking for drafts in windows and door frames. Spending a little money to ensure your home is energy efficient now will save you money in the long run.

Host potluck style parties, instead of extravagant nights out. Invite some of your closest friends and relatives over to enjoy some delicious food and great company. Skip the $50 burger place and fire up your grill. Having potluck dinners means everyone brings a dish to share, so you’re all sure to enjoy something new while saving on the cost of providing an entire meal for your guests.

Avoid unnecessary spending like trips to the tanning salon, or getting the extra expensive car wash. Some of our properties include car washing stations and tanning salons! Skipping out on these fees, and costly gym memberships during your stay at Arch is a great way to rack up some savings this summer.

Host a garage sale. If you’re looking to declutter and make some extra money, a garage sale or yard sale is an excellent way to achieve both at once this summer. Invite a few friends to participate, if your sale offers more variety there’s a higher likelihood that people will stop by. Advertise your sale on free social media sites and in your local paper.

We’re all a bit more active in the summer, but that doesn’t have to mean we spend more too. Look for fun ways to spend time outdoors in St. Louis like participating in softball leagues, taking hikes, and enjoying your local parks and lakes. Pack a meal for these destinations to avoid buying food on the go. It’s amazing how much savings can add up when you’re especially conscience of your spending habits. For more tips and tricks like these, check out our Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Twitter! Tell us in the comments below how you plan to save a little extra cash this summer!