TALKING about exceeding expectations is easy right? We’re here to tell you, Exceeding Expectations is not a slogan at Arch Interim Housing, it is a Culture. No, no, no, not just a slogan or words to be tossed about, Exceeding Expectations is our passion … it is our Culture! Our goal, our mission statement, has never been to make the most money or to the be the biggest corporate housing provider. Our mission is to be the “best” to do our best, no matter what we are doing no matter whom we are working with. For over 14 years, Arch has Continuously delivered on a promise to always exceed client and guests’ expectations. We challenge ourselves, we challenge each other, and we all agree that talk is cheap, so we decided to prove it every day with every client with every guest!

Welcome to Arch Interim Housingyour trusted St. Louis based, locally owned and operated, temporary housing “partner”! We are a passionate team; committed to every guests’ stay. We are successful for so many reasons beginning with our, already mentioned, Passion, Culture, and our Outstanding team! From inception, our business model has been different from other providers as we own all of our furniture and housewares enabling us to control our destiny (Yes, delivering quality from start to finish). You always know what you’re getting with Arch; every home is carefully assessed and updated; no outdated sofa’s and no outdated coffee tables! We are proud of our homes, proud of our team, and proud of our reputation as the highest quality provider in St. Louis!

Arch Interim Housing will not waver to the recent challenges brought to the travel industry and we’re not cutting corners. Our mission continues to be the best Corporate Housing provider & Industry partner that St. Louis has to offer!