Being stressed out at work and being temporarily away from home may become too much at times. Turning your corporate apartment into a weekend retreat is the perfect cure for a case of the blues. At Arch Interim Housing our goal is simple; we want our guests to feel comfortable in their home away from home. We’ve put together a simple list of things you can do to turn your place into a weekend retreat! We want you to enjoy being in your fully furnished apartment. Get away this weekend, you deserve it!


Clear your plate for
 the weekend
– Doing a quick clean and tidying up your place on Thursday or Friday will ensure that you don’t have to worry about doing it over the weekend. Trying to relax when you know things can be done around your corporate apartment will just create more stress. Clearing your space for this weekend retreat will make all the difference.

Splurge on time (for yourself) – If you don’t spend enough time doing nice things for yourself you’re going to end up in a rut. Think about what you enjoy doing in your spare time and revisit it this weekend. Grab a book you’ve been waiting to read, sleep in, visit a museum, listen to your favorite record or eat your favorite foods! The simple things really make a difference and you’ll find yourself recharged come Monday.

Go Outside! – Have you walked the grounds of your corporate housing complex? All of Arch Interim Housing’s locations feature luxurious outdoor spaces and are located in the most desirable places in St Louis MO. Spending some time alone, enjoying the fresh air and scenery will help refresh and clear your mind.

Detach yourself from work – After your work day ends on Friday, put anything work related out of sight! Sign out of your email and let your brain rest. If you find yourself working on the weekends or constantly worrying about work when you aren’t there you’re going to burn yourself out. You’ll find that by taking a weekend off from working or over-thinking work, you will feel like a new person on Monday morning.

If you’re interested in reserving corporate housing in St Louis or if you would like information on Arch Interim Housing’s corporate apartment locations, call us today at 866-921-5888.