February 2010

Trust Arch Interim Housing to provide the best furnished apartment or corporate housing in St Louis!

Arch Interim Housing will provide quality, safe corporate housing that will feel like a home away from home in the greater St Louis area. When a consultants’ long-term stay is critical to your business, and they want to bring along their family (even just for weekends), this request may appear overwhelming. Never fear! Arch Interim Housing has an array of fully furnished corporate housing choices that may include such family-friendly amenities like a pool, tennis courts, playgrounds and more in St Louis Missouri. These furnished apartments and corporate suites are large, homey, inviting and affordable.

Arch Interim Housing is setting a new standard for short term rentals, corporate housing and furnished apartments in the greater St Louis area, especially when it comes to families. Having the family gather around the dining table to eat a home-cooked meal — especially when hundreds of miles away from home — makes a world of difference to how your consultants views their assignment. Contact Arch Interim Housing when searching for an all inclusive furnished apartment or an alternative to an extended stay hotel in St Louis. Arch Interim Housing has the solution for making your traveling consultants (and family) feel right at home!