Many people in market for an apartment are looking for something that is fully furnished. But what exactly does that entail? While “fully furnished” can mean different things to different people, here at Arch Interim Housing, we have compiled a basic rundown of what you can expect to find in most fully furnished apartments. We provide an array of amenities for our guests, let us know how we can make your short term stay as comfortable as possible!

One of the first rooms people think about considering a “fully furnished” space is the living room. Most apartments will come with a sitting area, such as a couch or a recliner, along with at least one end table and a coffee table. A lot of apartments that are advertised as fully furnished will also include an entertainment center of some kind in the main living room which will feature your standard television with cable access.

The kitchen is another hot topic room in the fully furnished discussion. If the apartment is advertised as such, you can expect all the basic appliances to be included: refrigerator, microwave, stove, and, in some cases, a dishwasher. A small dining area is also included. This can consist of a table and chairs or a breakfast bar and bar stools, depending on the size of the apartment. Many furniture rental companies provide all of the small appliances, flatware and décor you’ll need when looking to relocate!

The bedroom is rarely forgotten in a fully furnished living space. This room will mainly focus on sleeping and storage. A full or queen size bed, a night stand, a dresser, and a storage chest are typically found in this room. We understand that a restful night’s sleep is important for a productive day, so we aim to provide the best quality mattresses available for our guests.

The final piece of the “fully furnished” puzzle is usually some sort of work or office space. If there isn’t a room designated as an office space, most apartments will have a computer desk and chair conveniently located in either the living room or bedroom.

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