Whether you are an individual searching for temporary living quarters during a relocation or an agency interested in furnished apartments for consultants or training groups, there are some questions you should ask before choosing a corporate housing company. We’ve broken down a list of inquiries you should make when speaking to a corporate housing provider you’re interested in.


What’s included?

While corporate housing is defined as a fully furnished apartment, condominium or house available for rent, usually for 30 days or longer, it should be more than just a place to lay your head at night. When choosing a corporate housing company, check to see if the location you’re interested in provides any additional amenities or services such as internet, cable, laundry services, fitness and business centers, and/or parking. Knowing what comes with your stay and what you may need to provide is very important. The price corporate housing is generally cheaper than hotels, but if you have to pay for amenities yourself, the cost may not be beneficial. Most corporate housing facilities will provide a set of standard amenities, but it is best to check.


How many locations do you have? Do you accommodate special requests? Are you handicap Accessible?

These questions are all related as they pertain to your comfort and preferences. Corporate housing companies should be able to provide a wide selection of options for clients that grant any accommodation you may need. At Arch Interim Housing, a corporate housing provider with over 30 locations, we take all client requests into consideration and then provide the client with the top 3 options that most closely meet their specifications. A great corporate housing company will be able to offer you the best solutions and comparable alternatives.


How will you bill me? Will there be any additional charges?

Most companies will bill you monthly for their services, however, it is best to have a clear understanding of when you will be billed, how they accept payment, and if there are additional charges for certain services or damages. Most companies will have you sign a contract outlining your costs and any additional fees if something is damaged or misplaced. 

Additional questions you may want to ask your corporate housing providers:


What furnishings are included? Are there any furnishings not included?

Where is the residence located (in relation to workplace, residential communities, shopping areas, etc)?

Who should be contacted in case of a maintenance need or emergency?

Are there taxes or additional taxes on corporate housing?

Are your furnished apartments pet-friendly?

What is your move-in & move out process?

Do you allow smoking in your furnished apartments?

Do you provide housekeeping services?


Corporate housing is a product and a service. When choosing a provider, you should make sure that you are informed of all amenities, terms of agreement, and hidden fees. Make sure to read through your contract so that there are no surprises. Corporate Housing companies should be knowledgeable about all of their properties and surrounding communities, should be able to offer multiple locations to suit your needs,  and provide outstanding customer service to make the adjustment easy.

If you are searching for corporate housing in St Louis, choose Arch Interim Housing. Our mission is to exceed all expectations. Learn how we are different from other corporate housing providers today.