It’s been said a family that plays together stays together, and though some may find this cliché, we couldn’t agree more. Designing and creating a family room that meets the needs of your growing family could mean more time together. In an age where Face Time is an app on a phone, and not an everyday occurrence with our family members, Arch Interim Housing has compiled a few reasons why a family room can facilitate more family time.

Having a space where once a week your family can gather and watch a favorite show or movie is an excellent example of what a well-equipped family room like those found at Arch Interim Housing properties in St. Louis provide. If you’re all movie buffs, enjoy an evening watching your favorite flicks on your 37’’ flat panel TV and DVD player.

Make room for play. Having the proper space to play your family’s favorite games is an excellent way to facilitate family time. If you’re more in to charades than Wii, make sure your living room is designed with plenty of foot space for action packed fun. A great advantage of renting our short term stay apartments is the additional space you can enjoy in contrast to living in a hotel room.

Keep an assortment of entertainment options available. Use an old bookshelf or entertainment center to house board games, DVD’s, or electronics that your family loves. Let a different family member choose a game or movie each week so that everyone gets a chance to do something that they enjoy. Don’t miss an opportunity to sit down and critique or discuss the movie with your family afterwards.

We understand the importance of having a room that the entire family feels comfortable in. For more home inspired pieces, follow us on Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! Tell us in the comments below about your family’s favorite room!