Whether you are lucky enough to be able to head south for the winter months or simply relocating to temporary, interim housing, it is important to prepare your current home for your extended absence. Here’s some practical advice from folks in the insurance and construction industry.

  1. Make it look like you’re home. Put lights on times and make sure your motion lights are in working order. Also make sure to forward your mail and suspend newspaper service so unsightly papers don’t pile up and tell would be thieves that no one is home.
  2. Turn off the water works. Consult a plumber or expert on how best to drain your pipes to avoid unexpected bursts during frigid weather.
  3. Leave your furnace running at 55 degrees or higher to ensure pipes do not freeze and burst.
  4. Have your furnace and air conditioner inspected to make sure they are in good working order before you leave.
  5. Clean thoroughly so pests and rodents have no reason to move in.
  6. Get rid of any fire hazards such as oil rags in the garage or stacks of newspapers
  7. Double check your insurance coverage to make sure that any unexpected events will be covered during an extended absence.

Beach front condo or temporary, all-inclusive housing – no matter what your temporary living situation, you can have peace of mind while spending long periods of time away from your home.

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