The color of the walls defines a room. Arch Interim Housing has been browsing the favorite wall colors of the latest “in” designers today, and would like to share a bit of what we learned!

Here’s an interesting fact on the bright and cheery Canary shades we’ve grown to love: yellow is the harshest color for the human eye to perceive. Due to its harshness, it often evokes feelings of frustration, anger, and depression. Therefore, do not paint the walls yellow in a room that is meant to be for relaxing. Spaces generally meant for relaxing are living and family rooms, bedrooms and lounges.

Because of its stimulating qualities, yellow would be most appropriate for a kitchen or perhaps a home office. With all colors, there are innumerable shades you can choose from, so you are able to tone down or key up your choice! Darker yellows, such as mustard, would be more soothing than say, a sunshine hue. Brighter shades of yellow make for great accent walls!

If you are going to use yellow in a living room or bedroom, purple accents would be best since it is yellow’s complementary color. Grays and yellows also go well together, and this is actually a popular combination in today’s home décor trends. Teals and pinks are great complements to yellow as well, in our humble opinion. How would you work yellow into a room? Let us know!

Here are some ideas for yellow décor from