At a glance, some might assume that all corporate housing providers are the same. That is most definitely not the case! We’re here, to not only tell you but invite you to see for yourself how Arch Interim Housing exceeds all expectations when it comes to corporate housing.


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Sure, many corporate housing providers have a few locations for clients to choose from when they need a place to stay temporarily. However, Arch Interim Housing offers their clients over 30 locations in the Greater St Louis area to choose from. Additionally, Arch Interim Housing will help eliminate some of the hard work for you. With so many locations, we know it can be hard to choose. For that reason, Arch will ask clients if they have any preferences or requests when it comes to a location, and they will narrow it down to 3 locations that best fit your criteria, making it easier to choose a location. How’s that for convenience?

Fully-Furnished and Affordable

While the definition of corporate housing consists of having a location that is fully-furnished with appliances and furniture, once again, Arch Interim Housing has a leg up on the competition. Unlike most other providers, Arch owns all of their furnishings and houseware items. What that means is, by owning the furniture and housewares for every property, Arch Interim Housing does not have to rely on a third party provider to provide high quality. We guarantee that all furnishings provided by Arch are of high-quality and our high standards.

Customer Service

Yes, we know all corporate housing providers have customer service, however, we can assure you that none of them come with the level of satisfaction that Arch Interim Housing has. At Arch, we are not only passionate about providing clients with clean, comfortable living spaces, but we are also passionate about providing customers with an easy transition and helping clients settle into their new location. Whether we are providing an extended stay apartment for an individual or for a company training group, we provide the same high-quality service to everyone.

Our clients receive a welcome basket when they arrive at their chosen temporary housing location, as well as additional household items such as trash bags and paper towels that many other corporate housing providers do not offer. We also make sure that clients have all of our contact information in case they need anything from maintenance to a recommendation on where to eat. Arch Interim Housing wants to make sure that clients are beyond impressed when they chose us for their corporate housing needs.


Still not convinced that Arch Interim Housing is different from other corporate housing providers? We invite you to read past (and current) client testimonials to see what all the hype is about.

Want to speak to someone at Arch Interim Housing? No problem! Just fill out our contact form or give us a call at (636)946-5888 or (866)921-5888.